• Additional Shavings/Horse Bedding: $5.50 per bag (LTS Boarder pricing)

  • Hold Fee (Farrier, Vet, Other Appointments): $10.00 per hold

General Care
  • Groom & Tack - Complete head to tail groom, boots/polos/bell-boots, saddling and bridling. (Does Not Include Cool Down). *Owner Provides brushes, supplies, product. $25 per ride.


  • Basic Cool down - Untack, rinse or cooler application, drying of legs/face, returned to stall or field *Owner provides brushes, supplies, product. $15 per ride


  • Complete Cooldown - Walkout, untack, rinse with leg & tail shampoo/care, drying of legs/face, Iceboot application (owner must provide iceboots), groom out mane, tail, body, product application, and return to field. $25.00


  • Grooming - Full head to tail groom including: mane and tail care, hoof picking, product application & face wipe. *Owner provides brushes, supplies, product. $15.00

  • Outdoor Board Blanket Application - $10 per application or $70 per month.  

**A La Carte Services**

Tack/Cleaning Services

  • Saddle: $10.00 (Glycerine/Conditioner

  • Saddle, Bridle, Girth Combo $15.00 (Glycerine/Conditioner)

  • Halter (Leather): $5.00 (Glycerine)

  • Full Bath: Weather permitting, Includes: top to bottom shampoo, conditioner in tail, whitening of markings, baby shampoo face (if tolerated), legs & face towel dried. $25.00  *Owner supplies products.

  • Tail & Legs Wash: Shampoo, whitening, and condition of tail. Also Included is leg drying & leave-in conditioner/showshine. $10.00 *Owner provides brushes, supplies, product.

  • Show Clip(Legs): Must be performed 6 days before competition. Includes socks or legs (Up to knee or hock if needed), clippers included $40.

  • Show Clip(Face/Ears): Includes bridle path, chin, nose, whiskers $20

  • Full Body Clip: $150.00

  • Cold Hose (15 Minutes): $15.00

  • Horse trailer parking: $20.00 per month

Blanket Washing Services
  • Contact us for pricing

Please give 24 hours notice prior to service to allow for scheduling!